Semenarstvo is a company that is originated in 1979 and for all the time dealing with distribution and sale of seed materials. Comprised of a great team that has 10 employees, including an MSc of Agricultural Sciences, an MPhil of Agricultural Sciences, four Agronomist Engineer.


  • The time interval from order to delivery ranges from 1 to 20 hours depending on the delivery location;
  • Products that Semenarstvo - Promet sells are better than others on the market because we import and distribute hybrids and varieties with proven quality. They are selected and designed for growing in our climate and our breeding technologies;
  • Every farmer should buy from Semenarstvo - Promet because the companies we represent hold the highest ratings worldwide, proven in the world;
  • The seeds that Semenarstvo - Promet sell contain all possible quality certificates;
  • Semenarstvo - Promet sels and distribute to almost all agricultural pharmacies, individual farmers, greenhouses and florist.


  • Production, processing and marketing of agricultural seeds (seeds for wheat, barley, millet and livestock peas through an agreement with certain companies);
  • Finalize barley seed, millet and livestock peas;
  • Sells seeds for forage plants, gardening, fertilizers, PP binders, pots, grass mix, flowers seed, associated agricultural inputs;
  • Performs conclusion of cereal and vegetable crops in warehouses in Madzari - Skopje and Sveti Nikole;
  • Distribute its products in agricultural pharmacies in Macedonia and sell through discounts in Skopje and Strumica (sales are made ​​in over 150 pharmacies across the agricultural pharmacies Macedonia).


  • SAKATA - France, imports hybrid seeds for horticultural crops
  • POLJOPRIVREDNI INSTITUT OSIJEK - Croatia, corn hybrids and basic wheat seed, barley and peas
  • TOP HARVEST - Holland, importing horticultural crops seed
  • SAKATA - Denmark, imports hybrid seeds for flower
  • GOLDSMIT - America - also imports hybrid seeds for flowers
  • BIOPRODUKT CACAK - Serbia - imports seeds for horticultural crops and grass mix
  • TERRACULT - Germany, peat
  • AGRO CS - Slovakia, peat
  • GREEN HAS - Italy - crystal and liquid fertilizers
  • SOYLU IPLIK - Turkey - PP binders
  • FORMPLAST - Greece - pots